Our Inspiration

We love the Mediterranean sun. It gives life, joy and lifts the spirits. However, it is also the primary cause of gradual hair and skin damage. This is why moisturizing is so necessary for women who live their lives delighting in the joys of our climate.

This is what gave rise to the idea of superior quality daily beauty care products, affordable by all, which have an intensive moisturizing effect, thus boosting the skin and hair’s resistance to the sun and time.

Hydrarestore ComplexTM

We have combined Collagen and Hyaluron two ingredients that are known for their beneficial properties and are very popular anti-ageing solutions in the cosmetology industry. Our intensive research has led to the creation of the revolutionary Hydrarestore ComplexTM formula, which is an ideal combination of Collagen and Hyaluron that allows us to apply the technology used in face care products to daily hair and body care products.

Ηydrarestore ComplexTM offers more than 80% extra hydration* to the hair and body, thus renewing them and boosts their resilience! The effectiveness of the formula contained in the Mediterranean Hair, Body & Color product ranges has been tested and certified by the Cosmetological Center of FERRARA UNIVERSITY.

* compared to non treated hair and skin

Collagen & Hyaluron

How does it work

Collagen and hyaluron are two of the key substances present in the human body.

Collagen, a key protein of our body, is essential for the cohesion and elasticity of skin. It also contributes to strengthening and revitalising hair, restoring its structure from the damage of time and chemical treatments.

Hyaluron, an ingredient of our connective tissue, can hold a quantity of water up to 1,000 times its own weight, thus directly contributing to the continuous hydration of body tissues and maintaining their elasticity and firmness. At the same time, it regulates cellular regeneration and the production of collagen by the body. These properties of hyaluron make it an important agent against the body’s premature ageing and oxidation.

However, both components decrease over time. This gradually leads to dehydration and to the relaxation of the body’s tissues.

By boosting the levels of these two components, in conjunction with the advanced Hydrarestore ComplexTM formula, we can continue to enjoy their benefits for longer.